Chinese new year goodies are coming soon to Singapore. It is time for all of us to prepare for the feast amidst visitations and celebrations. Many shopping malls, hotels, grocery stores, including supermarkets and many other shops are busily preparing to sell Chinese new year goodies in Singapore. These goodies are great home snacks which you can munch on during house visits or even at the comfort of your homes during tea times.

Do you really want to taste the best CNY goodies in Singapore? Are you ready to step up your grand feast during gatherings of family, friends and other loved ones but you do not know where to buy CNY goodies? Chinese new year goodies in Singapore can be found in many physical and digital stores, now with their own webpages or online stores available.

CNY goodies can also be picked according to freshness of their ingredients. The traditional CNY goodies have been welcomed by generations upon generations of Chinese celebrants. The pastries are usually handcrafted at home to perfection using the freshest of ingredients, unlike the ones nowadays made using machines that do include preservatives at times.

Typical great mouth watering traditionally handmade CNY goodies include pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit, almond cookies, egg rolls and even the White Rabbit candy sweets. There are many other traditional CNY goodies like the Nian Gao (meaning Year Cake), Love Letters (long cookies with chocolate fillings) and the symbolic Mandarin Oranges. Very often, when you visit your relatives' houses, you can find these goodies on display for free selection. But if traditional goodies are not enough for you, you can consider goodies that are out of the box. Some stores nowadays offer new innovations with Western ingredients such as coffee and chocolate infused into their goodies.

CNY goodies are usually made for the Chinese people. As Singapore is multiracial, CNY goodies can cater to the Muslim community also. For our Muslim friends in Singapore, there are also halal Chinese new year goodies Singapore, such as pineapple tarts, that suit their religious rules. Yet, these goodies are tasty! The halal certified CNY goodies are made according to the strict requirements of the halal food preparation. It is ensured that the quality during the food process is being observed so that it does not result in loss of richness of taste. Our Muslim friends can then eat these mooncakes with ease and celebrate together with non Muslims.

Both physical and digital stores offer delivery of CNY goodies  around Singapore, as long as you state so when you place your orders. As 2021 Chinese New Year falls on 12th February, many have been placing orders for CNY goodies from as early as mid December 2020. 

With all the above guidelines for the CNY goodies, it would be good for you to herald the year 2021 for the annual lunar new year celebrations without having to hesitate on what goodies are suitable for you and your loved ones. 

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